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How Do I Use GPS Location Tagging?

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2013
You can enable GPS location tagging from the TimeStation settings page. When location tagging is enabled, TimeStation tracks the location where users punch-in and out and uploads it to the TimeStation site.

Location information can be accessed from the TimeStation site in one of three ways:

1) For multiple employees
From the "Employees" screen, select the employees then click the "Activity Map" button

2) For a single employee
From the "Employee Details" screen, click the "Activity Map" button above the employee activity list

3) Employee Activity Report
When the "Employee Activity" report is exported to Excel or CSV, it includes the Latitude and Longitude columns which reflect the GPS coordinates in decimal degrees of where the activity took place.

Location tagging is only available when employees punch in or out from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Location data is not available when employees punch-in or out from a web browser.
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